Friday, 1 December 2006

A little about my father.

Yambo Ouologuem was born in 1940 in Bandiagara, Mali. He was the first African novelist to win the Prix Theophraste-Renaudot in France in 1968 for his novel Bound to violence.
Later the book was withdrawn from print due to claims of plagiarism. Although my father had claimed that in his original hand writen manuscript he had put quotation marks. After this he was plagued by controversy, which discouraged him a lot, as he had work hard on this book, sleeping only three hour per night while writing the book. It is interesting to note that he never received any royalties or the likes for the non-French Translation of this book. Many have made allegations of a conspiracy to rob him of these royalties...also worthy of note is that I reprinted the book in 2003 and also never received any royalties.
My aim now is to find the truth and to try to reprint the book Bound to Violence in many languages. There are a few old copies of the book available at the moment at crazy prices, just look on sites like e-bay or Amazon. It is my wish to make my father's books available again at normal prices...Anyone who may be able to help in any way feel free to contact me.


Anonymous said...

i know your fathers work and i would like to say that even if he use other works to help write his book, his work was better than all. It's a big shame he never wrote again like this.

Anonymous said...

Cri de coeur!
Oh! Yambo
Oh! l'ange de la plûme
Où sont tes amis?
Où se cachent-ils?
Pourquoi se reduisent-ils au silence?
Pourquoi cette sourde oreille?
Même si tes camarades littéraires,
restent sous un silence coupable,
Même si tes compatriotes te livrent,
Dans les mains des vautours!
N'ayez pas peur.
Le club yambo est là!
Derrière toi comme des poussins et leur mère poule!
Comme des guerriers prêts à livrer le combat!
Ne vous inquiétez,
Car la vérité finie toujours par triompher!
Drissa Kanambaye Présient du club yambo Ouologuem

Aba said...

Je suis etonne je n'avais jamais rien entendu a propos de ton pere et pourtant je suis malien . Ce qui veut dire que le Mali ne reconnait pas a sa juste valeur YAMBO OUOLLOGUEM et je crois que l'afrique le devrait car je comprends que c'est un imcompris.
J'aimerais vraiment connaitre ce Monsieur et son art aussi donc si il serait possible de rentrer en contact avec vous.

ImuraGuen said...

"Le Devoir de violence" est traduit en Japonais par OKAYA Kouji et publié par la maison d'éditions "SHINCHOUSHA" en 1970.

J'espère que cette maison d'édition vous a versé le droit d'auteur de votre père.